Atrium before it was updated when the boys came on Oct. 21, 2013, Please do not take without permission, the picture is copyrighted and asked with permission.

Please do not take not this version of the information without permission, thank you. The Atrium is where you can go to places. This place has been changed several times. There is also a kiosk in it called "Back Pocket". Atrium is in the bottom of the Food Court .

Back PocketEdit

In the Atrium there is a kiosk called "Back Pocket" where you can buy gifts for your boy. The shop was first added on Oct. 21, 2013 when the boys first came or added to SCW.

Underwater Area Edit

Only in the Atrium, you can access a place called "Underwater Area" which is exclusive to VIPs. If you click a star pad on the waterfall, it will lead you there. The area was added in February 2015.