Bonjor Boutique in the present. Please do not take without permission, the picture is copyrighted and asked with permission.


Bonbon Boutique back in the days before it changed into Bonjour Boutique. Picture credit: mizzcuteprincess1's channel (on YouTube)


The Spark Beats Magazine for when "Bonbon Boutqiue" (including Central Park View) were changed into "Bonjour" Boutique in April 2013.

Please don't take information without permission, thank you. Bonjour Boutique is a boutique based in France. It is connected to Bonjour Suite and the Penthouse which is now removed.


Bonjour Boutique was originally Bonbon Boutique which was based on New York City and Rebecca Bonbon. Originally Bonjour Suite was Bonbon Central Park View in order to get there you needed to unlock the Bonbon game, which in the boutique if you click a man it takes you to Central Park View if you unlocked the game, although this place and Bonjour Suite are no longer based on "Rebecca Bonbon", you still have to beat the game in order to unlock the place. There was a Penthouse which was connected to Central Park View and this place but is no longer available after the change on April 24, 2013.