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Spark City World and Click Stars Old AGA Intro

Spark City World and Click Stars Old AGA Intro


The Clik Stars (called All Girl Star Squad in OLD AGA) are Jessy, Yuki, and Leiyah (called Mika for Leiyah in the Old-AGA version) who are the three tween gaming sensations who make up the Clik Stars. A female-empowering group living in Spark City at their Clik Stars Clubhouse, the girls are all about friendship, achieving goals, sportsmanship, fashion/shopping and doing the right thing. They go on Fridays at the Runway often for the "Fashion Fridays". One of the Clik Stars (Raveena isn't a Clik Star but sometimes gossip) gossip every Friday for Shoutouts, Bdays, and other things to tell you. The Click Stars sometimes come to SCW as a surprise along with Raveena. They are the mascots of SCW!

Trivia Edit

  • On Yuki's ID card,  it says Yuki birthday (born) is on September 5 but on August 20 a Spark Beat magazine was released with the gossip saying Yuki's birthday is on August 29 which is different compared to the date on the ID card, the ID cards were also from OLD AGA so the birthday could have been changed.
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