Juku couture

Juku Couture Dolls by JAKKS Pacific. Picture taken from Google and a "Russian Wikipedia"

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Harajuku Threads is a place and store based on the Harajuku district in Japan. It is connected to Mix and Style and the Runway. It opened around September 2009.


Harajuku Threads and Mix and Style both sell the clothing pack labeled under "Harajuku Pack". Although the store is no longer based on "Juku Couture", clothes represented from the doll line are still sold in the store to this day. Re-releases and other clothing lines from other stores are now also currently being sold in this store.


Harajuku Threads and Mix and Style also sell furniture labeled as "Harajuku Pack".


  • Harajuku Threads was originally called Juku Couture in OLD AGA as part of a promotion for JAKKs Pacfic's doll line, Juku Couture. it was renamed in August 2010.
  • The Runway, Harajuku Threads, and Mix and Style were originally based on JAKKS Pacific's doll line "JUKU Couture" back in 2009. Because of that, in OLD AGA, the three stores were labeled under the JUKU Couture category. JUKU Couture and the other two stores are no longer based on the "JUKU Couture" doll line today.