Star Pets in the present, Please do not take without permission, the picture is copyrighted and asked with permission.

Please do not take the version of this information without permission, thank you. Star Pets is a shop where you can buy your own pet. Currently you can buy a dog, cat, or a penguin. This shop is connected to Curious Creatures , and Fish-E .


You must be a VIP in order to buy a pet, however the "Sierra Brown Dog" is available for non-vips.

You can sometimes also buy rare pets at the Secret Store.

On December 23, 2014, a new category in Star Pets called "Christmas" included a gingerbread man that is labeled as "Ginger" appeared for free. It was removed hours later. On Christmas day (12/25/14), the pet was turned out to be a Christmas gift for users.
Star pets spark beat

A Spark Beat magazine for the Siamese Cat release at Star Pets back then.